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About Us

Strike a Chord was founded in San Francisco by Elyse Weakley in 2014. Having dedicated much of her life to music as a performer and educator, she has taken on roles as music director, pianist, vocalist and composer. Her experiences have given her the opportunity to work and perform outside the U.S., including Europe, and Asia.


As an educator, Elyse felt that the current teaching material being offered was not as efficient or intuitive as it could be. Because of this, she created her own methodology for teaching students and it was this strategy that eventually led to the creation of Strike a Chord. Not only does the app teach people of all ages music theory in a way that is easy to understand, but it also gives people the opportunity to do so in a completely accessible way.


Our app does not host advertisers or take personal information not provided by the user.  Read our privacy policy here.


Our Mission


We hope to make learning the basics of piano and mastering music theory accessible to everyone by providing a creative, portable, and easy to use tool.


PRO TIP: Strike a Chord app is great for complementing in-person piano lessons & for learning on the road or traveling!

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