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Learn to play chord symbols on the piano through guided improvisation and recording projects

We are excited to announce our new app for iPad and now iPhone!




Basic concepts such as letter names of the keys and how to build intervals and triads will be covered step by step. Appropriate for complete novices and also for experienced pianists interested in learning to play chord symbols.


Immediately after a short tutorial the user is prompted to compose a song using the newly learned element. The benefits of making creative decisions in this way include: ear-training, improvisation and rhythmic integration.


The ultimate goal of each lesson is to record the song created. The playback feature allows users to evaluate their performance and retake if desired. Drum loops of various speeds add musical direction to the performance.


The app’s built-in keyboard guides the user to the correct keys tallying a score of notes played correctly without hints. Passing scores earn badges encouraging the user to repeat each lesson at least three times in order to earn a gold.


Music is best enjoyed when shared with friends! Each recorded song is stored locally on the device, but users can seamlessly share their creations on popular social networking sites like YouTube and Facebook.

PRO TIP: Strike a Chord app is great for complementing in-person piano lessons & for learning on the road or traveling!

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